Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To Fail or NOT to Fail?

The Democrats wanting Bush to fail, but if we go down to their level, then what does that make us? If we want to make a statement for America, does it make sense to do the exact same thing, just for the sake of evening the score. This isn’t about “evening the score.” This is about opposing a president who wants to nationalize our health care system, wants to weaken our economy through misguided, regulation, and cap and trade schemes, who wants to undermine individual rights in favor of collective rights, who wants to make America a poorer, weaker country because that would be “fairer.”

The Democrat Left did what it did because they hated Bush. We fight Obama because we love free markets, we support individual rights and freedom, and we believe the USA really is a better country than the rest of the world. That’s a Huge difference between us and them.

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