Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is John McCain, a Sore Loser?

Losing the presidency must be pretty tough. It's worse than losing a Super Bowl – at least then you're a worthy prospect for the following year. It's worse than losing the gold medal at the Olympics – at least that gets referred to as winning the silver..
No I don't think that John is a sore loser. He is just mad at himself for not seeing what Obama was really all about. He underestimated him as the fraud he really is. He knows now.
John McCain was never my guy,but I supported him against Obama...When he didn't stick up for Sarah Palin as she was just getting ripped to shreds by the press near the end and after the campaign, I lost all respect for the man.Sarah was his partner and she did her best to help him. And I think that John lost a lot of respect becayse of that. I voted for McCain because there was no other choice. I was not going to sit out the election as many others did, no I wasn't about to just hand Obama a victory. And I wasn't going to waste my vote on a third party guy. That would be just as bad.
I just hope that McCain, in his heart, knows how horrible his treatment of Sarah Palin has been.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So Michelle Obama Has Never Been Proud of America Before? Just What We Need For a First Lady

Can liberals just not help themselves?
What would possess any one from stating that they have never been proud of their country before when their husband is running for President? Talk about a truly revealing comment. If Obama’s campaign does not think that this comment is not going to come back and bite them in the butt, they better think again. I hardly think this is what we need as a First Lady. Michelle Obama … insert foot … tell us what you really think of America?